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About User Experience Design

Ensuring a brand-focused and an enriched customer experience at every touchpoint of your product/service glue binds the customer to it. Using UX research as a stepping stone of our process, we create solutions that meet the business goals & creates compelling experiences for the user. Our problem-solving approach involves a deep understanding of the audience(key stakeholders and their end-users), the latest industry trends of the product/service to be designed. It helps us in achieving intuitive design solutions.

  • 01
    Low Fidelity Mockups

    Creating a visual representation to finalize on the color schemes, typography, UI elements placement.

  • 02
    User Flows

    Diagramming paths a user takes while navigating the product, optimizing paths for an intuitive interface.

  • 03
    User Journey Maps

    Listing all touchpoints of a user, visualization of user journey based on mental models.

  • 04
    UX Project Management

    Delivering the best user experience on time by setting realistic goals, managing budgeting & documentation.

  • 05
    Job Stories

    Creating templates for the actions undertaken, motivation, and intended outcome by the user.

  • 06
    Information Architecture

    Defining hierarchy, website structure, navigation features, interaction points & infrastructure.

  • 07
    User Personas

    Forming a reference model of user behavior & needs, details like demographics, occupation, goals.

  • 08
    Prioritization Matrix

    Formulating priorities based on the internal & external factors to identify need & nice to have features.

  • 09

    Visualizing the basic structure of the product/website, laying out artifacts at initial stages.



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