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About Interaction Design

The interaction your user has with your brand and its services should be seamlessly human. The interactive elements of your product - click, tap, swipe, voice, and all micro-interactions that make your product usable, understandable to provide satisfactory user interaction. We design & develop dwelling on the cognitive psychology of a user. Using technology and targeting the mental model of your audience, we make your interfaces come alive.

  • 01
    UI Animation

    Motion design for interfaces, laying out transitions, designing interactive elements, after effects.

  • 02
    GSAP Animation

    Scripted, high-performance animations, SVG animations, animating with code, javascript animation.

  • 03
    Lottie Animation

    Animation in after effects, micro-interactions, integrating & testing the animations.

  • 04
    Clickable Prototype

    High fidelity prototyping, a blueprint for development, optimizing & testing design solutions, user testing.

  • 05
    Human Computer Interaction

    Interactive & usable interfaces, human-centered design, responsive design.



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