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YOLO Health

YoloHealth envisions a world where all healthcare needs are fulfilled quickly, are affordable and helps people remain fit and healthy. Their vision includes building innovative healthcare solutions, strategic alliances for telemedicine and e-health services, bringing cost effective virtual healthcare services to the rural doorstep, business development for HealthCare providers, Medical Tourism companies etc.

Quality and affordable healthcare at your convenience

The Challenge

Yolohealth wanted us to create a product for the masses of the rural population. Yolohealth will be installed at railway stations, clinics, hospitals, corporate offices, schools, Anganwadi centers, gram panchayats, etc.

There will be 60+ parameters checked in less than 15 minutes. Book appointments for a video consultation with an expert doctor to discuss your health reports and get medical advice.

Our Solution

Our main aim was to keep the platform very simplified and easy to understand. The process had to be simplified when the user onboarded the platform.

Getting the test done and connecting with a doctor had to be seamless. Consultation with a doctor can be done with both video and chat. You get a detailed report about your health on the platform at your convenience. The product has solved the problem of getting good healthcare without traveling to hospitals.

Our Process

Users can chat or video call to doctor through this app for a health consultation.

Seven tests are given for the user to complete; instructions are present for the user's understanding so that he can input the correct information. He can also skip any given test.

We wanted the UX Design process to tie all these functionalities effortlessly.

This product's UI design was approached in a manner keeping in mind the target audience.

We used very minimal colors in the app. We followed a visual approach to design with customized illustrations for the tests, followed by a design guideline to give a consistent look and feel.



Roboto has a dual nature. It has a mechanical skeleton, and the forms are essentially geometric. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curves. This font worked perfectly for the styling of the product.


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