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Wishfin helps you invest in the right Mutual Funds or get credit/loans, thus enabling your wishes to come true.

Making your financial wishes come true

The Challenge

Wishfin helps you invest in the right Mutual Funds or get credit/loans, thus enabling your wishes to come true. They do this by understanding the individual’s wishes and profile and recommending financial products to fulfill those needs.

We were tasked with creating a few landing pages for their marketing campaigns - main landing page, balanced advantage fund campaign and early investing campaign.

Our Solution

The landing pages were not very complicated relative to some of the complex web and mobile apps we work on. So there wasn’t a lot of ideation or research involved to figure out a solution strategy.

However we kept some guiding principles for a better end result which were - better aesthetics to make the pages look more modern, keep it very simple with just the right amount of information and follow the brand guidelines.

Our Process

Since the pages were stand-alone pages and this wasn’t a complex application, we didn't perform in-depth user research or interviews.

We rather spoke with one of the business stakeholder to understand more about the brief, the kind of users who would be accessing those pages and what their vision was.

Subtly colorful with shades of primary color and vibrant inspiring happy images of people were used to make the designs of these pages.

The colours and typography used were from the brand guidelines of Wishfin.

The information around the landing page was to communicate the users about Wishfin, how the Wishfin system works and why its better for you along with understanding people’s wishes to funnel them down the next path of investment.

We also built the front end for the designs we created by using technologies like Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript and JQuery.



Neris is the brand font of Wishfin and we used the same font for the designs we created. We however introduced some new font styles and weight to make it pair better with the designs.


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