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Trooya lets marketers manage multiple social channels. It aims to deliver customer delight through speedy responses while providing managers with better workforce & customer insights.

Social Customer Service Reimagined.

The Challenge

The challenge in front of us was to make a tool that would allow social media managers to connect all of their social media accounts from various channels. It was to serve as a single message thread for support staff working in shifts, spanning across multiple departments and locations.

Additionally, the message had to be served to the customer representative on a priority basis, which is derived based on the influencer's score. Support staff must also be allowed to forward questions to supervisors, put them on hold, and close cases. The supervisor also gets to see staff performance as a comprehensive analysis for better human resource management.

Our Solution

Given the complexity of this tool, the main aim of the design was to bundle customer service features into a power-packed app yet make it easy to use. Switching between channels should be quick and easy. Assigning status and forwarding responses or queries for supervisor resolution must be effortless.

We used progressive disclosure, on-demand actions, conditional actions to ensure the critical elements about responding were delivered seamlessly by maintaining the information, and user-flow easily.


The core focus of UX design was to simplify and ease the conversation functionalities. We realized through interviews that there are agencies that manage multiple social accounts for the same or different customers. So, we made switching between channels quick and easy. Often, a support agent may not be the right person to take the call on matters that may require escalation. Realizing this from user interviews, we ensured assigning status, and forwarding responses for supervisor resolution were quick.

The result was a tool designed in a way that all of the necessary conversation functionalities are available on a single screen without having to scroll.

We kept the visual aesthetics pretty simple to complement the functional orientation of the tool. Moreover, the tool would be used by customer agents every day, so careful consideration was taken while making the color choice.

Subtle and muted Colours were considered to make it easy on the eyes. We used card-based design language and color-blocked sections to segregate information pieces from one another.

A tool complex as such had to be crafted meticulously as a mobile app too. The identified main need to have the tool as a mobile app is to facilitate support staff to respond quickly to customers on the go. We ensured the core functionalities were adapted to mobile and gave a cohesive cross-platform experience.



Lato is an open-source font that uses classical proportions to give the letterforms familiar harmony and elegance. The semi-rounded details of the letters give Lato a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness.



Mobile Screens


Positively received by its users, the redesign improved the UX and ensured the product was easier to navigate and attractive. The dedicated team worked hard throughout the project and offered interesting suggestions, though could improve their commitment to timelines during busy periods.


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