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Sync Analytics.

Sync Media is India's leading TV Audience Management Platform built on real-time TV ad recognition and audience response engine, coupled with ML to optimize media spends across platforms.

India's leading TV to Mobile Audience Management Platform.

The Challenge

In today's digital ecosystem, gaining the attention of any consumer is challenging. Everyone is facing fragmentation, supply constraints, and brand safety concerns on top of the massive issue of the reach and frequency goals. Sync is an ad-first technology platform measuring, segmenting & offering most relevant audience cuts based on their mainstream media and ad-airings exposures.

Sync recognizes 10s of millions of new TVC play-outs every week & their biggest challenge was to showcase this ever-growing data set; (auto-refreshing every few seconds) in a consumable & meaningful way. The main goal was to make the Advertiser's life easier and equipping him with useful and actionable insights.

Our Solution

We designed a user-centric dashboard that will help streamline & easily present data and analytics of the viewing data for millions of viewers in a brand's audience.

Advertisers can now build a better Media Mix after finding the combination of spots to maximize efficient target reach. Understanding any campaign's performance by tying exposure to action and reporting on conversion has been simplified. Also, advertisers can see how TV ads perform at the spot level and use audience insights to optimize future campaigns.


We started by understanding the type of users who would be using the platform and analyzed the tool's current UX to restructure it and deliver a better experience. After multiple iterations and construction of user personas and Information Architecture, the wireframes helped us conclude on a structure that involved a left side static navigation bar with data on the right, to dedicate the majority of the screen to what matters most for this tool.

Since the tool was expected to be heavy on statistical data, the wireframes were designed, keeping in mind that the user should be able to easily perceive the information he is looking, amidst the multiple data elements on the screen.

Once the screen layout and core user experience strategies were in place, the next challenge was to design a delightful UI. We chose to design it in a dark theme considering ease of prolonged usage, and yes, it looks cool too.

The Colours for graphs and other charts were chosen carefully after thorough exploration so that they were vibrant enough to complement the dark background. The UI elements like controls, inputs, icons, etc. were designed with simplicity in mind.

The portal was developed using ReactJS for faster and reliable performance. The charting libraries used were ChartJS and Nivo charts for data visualization. Since the level of customizations made available by the charting libraries for specific charts, like sunburst, were limited. We invested time in achieving a deeper level of customization to cater to the charting needs of the portal's UI and obtain concise data.


Work Sans

Work Sans is a typeface family based loosely on early Grotesques. The font features and specifications are simplified and optimized for various screen resolutions. The font looked perfect against the dark aesthetics of the analytics platform we designed.




The project was a critical success. ProCreator delivered a platform that could be presented to prospective investors. Their team ensured effective project management through their continuous collaboration on Slack. They have proven themselves to be a partner the client can rely on.


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