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SealTabs is an engaging platform for Institutes. This helps in bringing the day-to-day activities of an institute to a portal which helps in staying up to date with events, attendance, scores, and examinations.

Education System management Application.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build an engaging platform for Students, teachers, and principals which will keep them updated with day-to-day activities. Keeping the system easy to approach for novice users to the experts was the biggest challenge as users were from young kids to their parents to the teachers and Principal of the institute, everyone will be keeping a track of the progress in a single platform.

Our Solution

We wanted to keep things simple for all types of users who will be using this platform. Consistency and scalability were a major factor to maintain in the platform as there are 3 different age groups will be using this platform. Keeping in mind the scalability, consistency, and simplicity for all the designs was the main focus as it should look and feel that it comes from the same brand/family.


A key approach for this platform was to tie the 3 different aspects of the system of different users in the same product. Understanding the user requirements and business goals and keeping a key aspect of scalability was an approach that helped us in achieving the right balance.

Also, understanding the user persona of 3 different types of users was our main goal which helped us achieve simplicity and consistency across the platforms.

Once the screen layout and core user experience strategies were in place, the next challenge was to design a delightful UI. We introduced a clean, clear visual design focusing on the elements and content that matters.

Created a design system that offered a great degree of consistency between various screens. Coupled different sections with iconography/images to draw users focus on the crucial elements. The aesthetics were designed to look and feel clean, minimal, and modern.



Nunito is a well-balanced sans serif typeface superfamily that is slim, sleek, and complements the overall minimal aesthetic of the SealTabs Visual Design Language.



Mobile Screens

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