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Sakal Money.

Sakal Money is the Fin-Tech branch of a leading newspaper brand in Maharashtra - Sakal. Sakal Money Loans is their online marketplace that offers various types of loans from major Banks and NBFC’s across India.

Online loan application portal for a leading newspaper brand.

The Challenge

The task was to build an online loan marketplace for users to view multiple loan offers from different banks at once and apply to their preferred ones. The major challenge here was integrating the front-end with a white-label backend as some other vendors provided the backend.

Along with building a loan application portal from scratch, our job was to ensure that the user flow and feature set adheres to the functionalities available in the white-label solution for the backend.

Our Solution

As this was going to be a product that has been built from scratch and would be new to the market, we focused on reducing the friction during user onboarding as much as possible. The users must get to see what they want at the earliest, which builds trust. We also focused our efforts on a visually modern and appealing color palette with illustrations to spice things up.

Our Process

A round of user interviews was conducted to understand the users' pain points in the pre-existing products on the market. This allowed us to collect meaningful user insights on what feature set we focus on and what features the users really do not need for the product’s success. We were also in close discussions with the stakeholders at Sakal Money while designing the wireframes to stay on the same page with them throughout the process of articulating the user flow and feature set across the entire scope of the project.

We chose a modern and welcoming color palette to allow the product to enjoy a wide appeal across different sets of users in the market. A good mix of both - Imagery and Illustrations were used throughout different sections of the website.

We were in charge of building the entire website's front end and then integrating the same with third-party backend, and credit report institution audits like Experian and Perfios. We built the front-end with React Native technology and linked the APIs from the rest of the vendors to integrate their functionalities.


Nunito Sans

Nunito is a well-balanced sans-serif typeface. The characters have thin, uniform stroke widths which make it a highly readable font. Hence, this makes Nunito a perfect fit for the content-heavy application form and dashboard that is shown in Sakal Money.



ProCreator completed the work, as exhibited by their website & met all of our expectations. They were able to come up with a clear concept. We were particularly impressed by how the energetic team paid great attention to detail. They're a great & effective option.


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