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Rubique is the leading online financial matchmaking platform in India, formed with a vision to fulfill every financial aspiration during the customer's lifecycle in the simplest, shortest and speediest way through a wide range of loan & credit card products.

Making Finance Simple & Effortless.

The Challenge

Today, youths are embracing digital technology more than ever before. Financial Services is one such industry where the digital influence has been humongous.

The conventional method of getting lines of credit, be it a credit card or applying for one, getting loans isn’t a smooth process. It includes multiple trips to banks, including the depth of documentation.

The challenge was to redesign the marketplace that allows easy search, comparison and application of various credit cards, loans and insurance products for the web, mobile-web and android platforms.

Our Solution

When it comes to a fintech website, communicating much information in a minimal & aesthetically pleasing manner is a tough nut to crack.

With many millennials looking for credit & borrowing solutions online, having a text-heavy website with no trace of aesthetic modernity wasn’t the ideal set up. The existing setup failed to deliver delight to the eyes and was not able to deliver great user experience as well.

We partnered with Rubique to change that - for good.


The existing website had Non-streamlined Information Architecture, Poor Visual Design & Hierarchy, Complex User-Flows and Information Clutter creating cognitive load, therefore deteriorating the user experience.

Our aim for UX design were to solve these problems.

We conducted thorough user and stakeholder interviews to understand the user pain points and business objectives so as to propose solution/s that works in the favour of both the sides.

Our aim for design was to make Rubique’s website usable, contemporary and elegant.

After researching for weeks, we created a visual language approach based on simplicity and core message communication strategy. An approach that is suitable for both millennials & generation X - the core user personas.



Poppins is a rounded and modern font having its letterform nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to stroke joints to maintain an even typographic color.





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