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ProfitWheel is a platform that helps a Marketer acquire and retain high-value paying customers to increase the profit of the company. With ProfitWheel any company can make digital advertising more efficient by sharing intelligence from existing customer's data with media buying platforms and vice versa. ProfitWheel bridges the gap between AdTech and MarTech that can truly help acquire net new valuable customers.

New Gen marketing tool for every Marketer.

The Challenge

With the power of data, Profitwheel plans on providing enriched output of the data in a visual format which helps in taking better decisions.

The challenge with data centric products are that the data uploaded from different platforms takes time to upload and get bifurcated in different categories. Another challenge was to show the data processing stage and help marketers understand when the data is ready.

Lastly, Representation of data in an appropriate visual format which helps the user understand how is the data bifurcated over different parameters to take a correct decision for the campaigns.

Our Solution

The core of our solution was to deliver an experience that the marketer will be embarking upon from data uploadation to data bifurcation to an enriched visual representation how the audience is bifurcated in different domains.The journey of the user is made very simple that the user uploads the data, analyse the data and activates a campaign based of the insights gathered from the enriched visual data.

The designs of the listing also includes some additional features to update or bookmark features for future references. The data is covered into 3 types of visual formats to segregate CLV and RFM formats and marketers are provided with features to compare the data from different periods to understand how the audience is performing over the period.

Our Process

The process around UX was to help the user get an idea of the capabilities of the platform. The experience should drive the user through the product and with this approach, we could capture the user’s behavior towards working on this data-centric platform. The user starts the journey from data upload and moves towards analysis of the data and ends the journey with activation of campaigns.

Visual Design for this project was challenging yet fun since we were making a data analysis platform that will help users spend less time on data uploads but more time on the consumption of the output of the data.

The visual designs are kept simple with one brand color and a white approach is used with colored charts for better visual bifurcation of data.

We didn’t just stop at the design stage. We went ahead and also coded the front-end of this drag and drop journey builder interface.

We used modern technologies like Angular JS, Go JS, and other front-end libraries like Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript, to materialize our designs to life.



Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a popular design tool ever since these actors took to the world’s stage. Poppins is one of the new comers to this long tradition. With support for the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take on the genre.


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