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One For Blue.

One For Blue is an Apparel & Fashion company that makes T-Shirts with recycled fibers and fabrics to address human impact on the planet.

Recycling garment waste and fibers to make Kind Cotton.

The Challenge

To make a single cotton T-Shirt, it takes over 2700 liters of water. Not just water, growing Cotton takes large tracts of agricultural land and ~20% of the world’s most harmful pesticides that contaminate our soil and clothing. Yet, ~15% of this expensive resource is lost on the shop floor as cutting waste. Good quality, new fabric which is set to be given a Bad life!

OFB recycles garment waste to make their signature Kind Cotton. The challenge in front of us was to develop an online shopping experience.

Our Solution

The core of our solution was to deliver an Informative Shopping Experience. We wanted not just to let the customers purchase these eco-friendly t-shirts but also to make them understand the positive environmental impact of OFB, making them feel they are a part of this mission.

We tried to embody the OFB philosophy of “Conscious fashion for the Fashion Conscious” through our designs.


The major challenge was to understand the expectations of the client and their target users. We validated those assumptions from surveys and concluded on the things that we have received. We ideated and conceptualized on how to make a user understand; they are contributing towards the cause. Another point that we wanted to convey from this e-commerce website was the impact a user can potentially create by buying just one product.

We tackled these challenges by understanding the users' needs and how we can motivate them in buying more products for all of us to move towards a sustainable cause.

As the UX explained the challenge to help users understand the impact they will be creating on the environment, our UI was focused in the same direction. OFB products are made out of recycled plastic and recycled cotton, and it saves 30 days of water. We wanted to convey the same feeling to the user.

Another idea was to give the user a sense of water conservation and sustainability-focused cause. The website should give a look and feel of the same. Hence we were inclined towards the same color scheme and iconography.

We developed OFB with HTML, CSS as the frontend technologies, and Wordpress as a CMS to facilitate easy content, imagery, and product updations at the client's end. The development methodology was adaptive, offering pleasant browsing and purchasing experience across devices.



Signika is a sans-serif with a gentle character, developed for media types where clear information is required. It has low contrast and tall x-height to improve the readability of texts in small sizes as well as in large distances from the reader. The balance between this font and our minimal, clean website aesthetics resulted well



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