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Nvest is one of the leading InsurTech companies in India with products varying from insurance lead management systems to advanced product advisory solutions. Nvest provides their products to insurance distributors and aggregators across India and abroad.

Themed & Customisable White-Label Solutions for Insurance Companies.

The Challenge

Most of the products that we were designing for Nvest were to be used as white labelled solutions & were to be provided to different banks and insurance companies in India and abroad.

Different banks could have varying set of additional requirements over the pre-built softwares ranging from brand colour customizations to certain module inclusions and exclusions, etc. This posed a huge challenge in front of us regarding the scalability, customizability and integration ability of the softwares.

Our Solution

Our solution to this open-ended customizability was to back the designs with a robust design system carefully created with the best set of methods & practices in the industry. This design system panned across both - design and developer verticals and designers and developers could just change a few hex codes in the system and apply an entirely new theme to the products.

Furthermore, sub-modules and singular functionalities were crafted with their own individuality keeping in mind the cases if the modules before and after them are asked to be disabled by buyers. This was all done in a way that would not affect the final platform at all.

Our Process

We were closely collaborating with the company owner for ideating and wireframing the modules across different products.

As this was a B2B solution, the major focus was provided on nurturing the utilitarian theme of the products. People using these products were trained professionals and for them having the most important actions and tools upfront mattered more than the ease for a first time user. This drove our entire user experience process for building the products

Even though the product was to be eventually sold to customers who would apply their own branding on to it before they make them LIVE, the base product needed to have an appealing look and feel to aid sales for Nvest.It also had to be applied to Nvest's own website and other business & sales collaterals, so it had to be an all-inclusive one.

After multiple considerations, we finalized a primary brand approach which included one set of primary and secondary colours along with an additional set of 4 complementary colours to use in scenarios like dashboard designs, presentation decks, etc.

We also used dual-tone circular patterns across the website and sales collaterals to spice up the designs.


DM Sans

DM Sans is a modern and geometric sans serif font. Nvest's products had multiple lists to scan through, forms to fill, data to consume and DM Sans was the perfect match here attributing to its enhanced readability and scannability due to its geometric nature.


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