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Multplyr is building opportunities within your phone book to network to grab jobs or get referred for a job by a trusted contact. Using the power of close connections of your phone book, Multplyr allows recruiters to hire the best of talents within the close network. Multplyr also allows the user to create a digital caller ID to help the candidates looking for jobs.

Noise-free access to talent and opportunities.

The Challenge

Multplyr's challenge was to retain the existing user by getting all the information necessary from the user to create a relevant profile for recruiters and onboard new users with a gamified and interactive onboarding process.

Multplyr's major concern was making users leave or skip the profile building steps around 90% of the time, making their profile less relevant for the recruiters. Multplyr's team also wanted to keep the flow of the onboarding step simple to avoid adding any major development efforts.

Our Solution

Procreator played a crucial role from an experience and product standpoint as our team helped Multplyr create an interactive onboarding.

Our team delivered a gamified onboarding process and a seamless experience for the user, which reduced the efforts to fill the information without any hesitation. This helped in getting a 90% success rate of capturing most of the data during the onboarding process of the new user and better retention for the product.

Our Process

UX Process started with understanding the product, competitors, and research conducted so far. Clearing all the assumptions lead us to create a structure based on the research material shared by the client. Once all the assumptions were cleared, we started creating user flows and wireframes based on the discussion to cut short the onboarding steps and retain the user for a longer time.

Once we finalized one approach and tested it on multiple levels with users, product managers, and stakeholders, we moved on to the visual design.

The visual design stage is one of the most interesting stages of a design project as it is a stage that adds life to the ideas tested on a wireframe stage. In the design stage, the product's identity is created by the Colours, images, graphics, and beautiful fonts. With a young to a mature audience, who are graduating and looking for a job, our target was to make the product lively with illustrations and bright Colours.

We kept the visual aspect of the product in mind and paid attention to the accessibility and affordance for better visual indications on the product.


DM Sans

DM Sans is a low-contrast geometric sans serif design intended for use at smaller text sizes. It was designed by Colophon Foundry (UK), which started from the Latin portion of ITF Poppins by Jonny Pinhorn.


Mobile Screens

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