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Kinntegra helps clients invest and manage their investments at one place and boost client acquisition and trading for advisors.

Trading and Acquisition made efficient.

The Challenge

Kinntegra is an IFA company, launched in 2018. They are helping associates not only break all barriers they face in terms of cost, support, compliance, and technology but also address the biggest challenge they face – “Client acquisition - the revenue generator to their business.”

During our engagement, we were tasked to revamp the existing web portal in terms of user experience and visual design for the Advisors to trade seamlessly, as well as designing a mobile app for their clients from scratch.

Our Solution

We offered design solutions for various complex modules like Dashboard, Analytics, Transactions, Activity Logs, Reports, Calendar, Messenger, User Creation, and various other modules. With a pre-existing web portal in place, our solution was to simplify the complex environment and make sure that the IFAs can function more conveniently with a minimal state change experience.


It's a fintech product; hence the utmost importance was given to understanding the many complex modules that constituted the platform from the stakeholders involved. Understood the pain points of an IFA in generating leads, onboarding those leads, carrying out transactions, keeping track of these transactions for them, and laying out wireframes that solved the existing complexities for carrying out the activities above.

A combination of green and gold was primarily used to inculcate a sense of growth and grandeur. Modern charts were utilized along with illustrations in the overall interface to amplify the overall aesthetic value.



The Cabin font family is a humanist sans with 4 weights and true italics, with a touch of modernism. Cabin incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements of the geometric sans.



Mobile Screens


ProCreator executed an overall successful output, which pleased us. The project manager was easy to communicate with, and the project went smoothly.


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