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ITC MasterChef.

A brand offering the best quality ingredients and ready to eat items for the urban Indian cook to help make his or her cooking and culinary experience more enjoyable.

Giving a facelift to the ITC Masterchef marketing website.

The Challenge

ITC Masterchef is the Food & Beverage department of ITC Limted, one of India's foremost private sector companies. ITC has a diversified presence in FMCG, Hotels, Packaging, Paperboards & Specialty Papers and Agri-Business.

ITC Masterchef product offerings include Frozen Prawns, Spices, Frozen Snacks, Dehydrated Onions, Mango Pulp and others.

We were tasked with creating a marketing website that shows these products in the best light and promotes the story behind them.

Our Solution

Every ITC MC Product existed as its own brand with its own packaging style, colours and identity. However there was a parent ITC Brand Identity that ties all the children products within itself.

We wanted to juxtapose the uniqueness of the individual brands as well retain the cohesiveness with the parent ITC brand in our designs.

Hence, we retained the fonts from the parent brand guidelines and used every product's distinct Colours in their respective pages.


Provided it was an informational website, the site architecture had to be simple, clear, to facilitate smooth navigation and easy discovery of product information to the site visitors.

We introduced two navigations: single layer site navigation and a product page-level navigation. The former to switch between the website's pages, including various product pages while the latter facilitating in product sections navigation. The second navigation discloses progressively once the user navigates to the respective product page.

The design choices for visual design stemmed out from the concept of portraying the individual products in their distinctive style, provided they had their unique branding and packaging. The feeling of uniformity and cohesiveness was to be retained, as all the products belong to ITC Masterchef and the larger ITC Brand.

The four products that we created pages for were Frozen Snacks, Frozen Prawns, Dehydrated Onion, and Mango Pulp. Apart from these, there was a contact page, designed to facilitate order enquires.

On finalizing the designs, we developed a Content Management System. It allows the content and marketing team at ITC to upload new graphics, make content modifications, and add few other functionalities later down the road - offering them a scalable solution.


Trajan Pro

ITC had a brand font Trajan Pro and we were to abide by their brand guidelines to make use of this font for our designs. We did a pretty good job of using this in a good way coupling it with our imagery focused design.


ITC Recipes

Prawns Salad



Pro Creators were very communicative and had a thought process behind their design. Our brand guidelines seemed to constrain them in few ways at times. Despite that, they were able to deliver the project successfully. There were few challenging times but the team at ProCreator was always ready to listen, propose necessary solutions and move things forward.


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