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HCL Plugins Site

HCL Plugins Site provides a plethora of plugins for multiple HCL Products across various categories.

Experience enhancing Plugins for HCL Products

The Challenge

HCL has a wide range of products used globally. And in order to enhance product experience, HCL has a number of plugins associated with these products.

We were tasked with the challenge of designing a platform where users around the world could download the aforementioned plugins. The objective was to create a site that was compact but informative enough to help users find their suitable plugins.

Our Solution

We brainstormed and incorporated functionalities to enhance the overall plugins experience for a user. Our solution was aimed at providing easy discoverability of plugins and representing just the necessary information in an aesthetic, yet nifty way to the users.

Our Process

Apart from adhering to the traditional marketplace flow, we devised an information architecture to jot down additional functionalities to enhance a user's experience. We introduced features like Quick View for a user to explore plugins in a quick glance and proceeded to represent many such functionalities through wireframes for better visualisation.

Illustrations were used to enhance the visual experience along with clean usage of cards depicting multiple plugin and associated information. Every page, including the individual pages for each plugins were designed using a combination of imagery, illustrations and multi-coloured icons.

We started with dividing the application into small independent components which were easier to maintain and reusable. Combining all the components formed a robust application that was deployed to the pipeline of UAT and production.



Gotham is a geometric sans-serif typeface and the brand font of HCL. As mandated by their Brand Guidelines, we were to adhere to the font.


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