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A web, android, and iOS-based platform to automate expense reporting, streamline approvals, and make swift reimbursements.

Online Expense Reporting & Reimbursements.

The Challenge

Exburse facilitates the employees to file reimbursements for corporate expenses. They can submit an expense record along with a proof of purchase/expense receipts. The challenge was to redesign their existing web and mobile interface, which existed in the crudest of its form with very little attention paid to UX, UI, and the overall visual appeal.

It existed as a simple form-based interface for employees to log their expenses, attach proof and send across to the approvers, and finally to the finance department. Much of the work was happening offline, and just the request being raised online. The challenge at hand was to bring all of the offline activity online and make workflows efficient with building the tool to look great as well.

Our Solution

Our solution revolved around identifying the primary user types of the system, thereby facilitating the users with different objectives, access roles & functions, a system that caters to them.

We introduced a transparent approval and denial system to keep everyone in the hierarchy informed, who approved or rejected the expenses. We gave the super admins the flexibility to add custom form fields to be able to cater to organization-specific needs while recording an expense from the user. All of this was then topped with a modular atomic design system for easy design scalability.


We conducted several user interviews with employees to understand how they go about recording an expense to follow a typical expense reporting task flow. We realized that at the core, there would be three user types- Submitter, Authorizer, and Admin. We created a modular system that would allow Admins to enable/disable access of various modules to a given user type, which could also be custom created.

We revolved our solution in terms of setting up the user types as well as the display of information to these user types.

A personalized dashboard that works based on your user role type and the actions you have recently performed, or you need to perform. We kept the aesthetics minimal by only using white and the accent brand color, green as the primary system Colours. We then introduced specific Colours to communicate the status of a given expense.

We created the designs in an Atomic Design System, allowing Exburse to scale the design easily in the future as they had plans of introducing customer-specific ad-hoc features. The overall result was a neat looking interface that was simple to work with and looked modern and minimal.



The letters that inspired the font Montserrat signifies work, dedication, care, color, contrast, light, and life, day and night from the old posters and signs in the traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires called Montserrat. The font was a perfect pairing with the minimal aesthetics of the interface.




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