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EduFund is India’s first investment advisory app focused purely on higher education. Built by India's trusted investment experts and backed by Angel investors (Indian HNIs and Foreign Institutional Investors).

India’s First Investment Advisory App.

The Challenge

EduFund's partnership with ProCreator started with a requirement of having a visual presence over the web for the application they have built.

The application was designed to resolve the problem of financial illiteracy of a parent towards their child's education planning and investment. The product should convey how important financial knowledge is and how EduFund is helping parents achieve varied goals for their child's future.

Our Solution

Education fund needed to connect with the correct persona and their emotions to convey how important a child's financial planning is for the education goals. With the constant increase in fees, the parents cannot predict how much they have to save or invest in their child's plan.

With EduFund, we wanted to convey the right messaging and emotions through their marketing website, which gives a glimpse of the product and its features and how parents can make correct decisions by choosing to invest from the beginning.


User experience had to be simple and clear to facilitate smooth navigation as the target audience is from varied age and backgrounds. Persona understanding and deriving conclusions based on the user study helped us achieve a goal of keeping the site architecture simple.

Understanding the user mindset on how users consume data and what they may be looking for was another challenge. Also, this website will introduce the app for the first time, so exposing app screenshots and functionalities helped us create familiarity in the user's minds.

The choice of visuals and aesthetics were guided by two major decisions based on the user's understanding, and that was to connect with the user on a personal level and keep the branding in place.

We have worked on images and subtle backgrounds. Images connect with users on personal levels for products like EduFund, and secondary elements are used as backgrounds patterns derived from the EduFund Logo. This combination of image and pattern adds uniqueness to the website. We also used Product screenshots to bring familiarity to the user's minds when they use the app.



The letters that inspired this font Montserrat inspire work, dedication, care, color, contrast, light, and life, day and night from the old posters and signs in the traditional neighborhood of Buenos Aires called Montserrat.

This font has a bit of playfulness due to its slightly stretched form, which complemented the designs for EduFund.


Mobile Screens

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