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EasyPlan is a mobile app that provides a personalized saving and investment plan in minutes for your life goals.

Gamification based Robo-Advisory for financial planning.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build a fun and educational, financial planning application to help people learn, plan, manage their finances & life goals. Otherwise, considered as a rather tricky, complicated, and, at times, even a tedious task.

Our job was to fulfill these requirements while ensuring that the layout is friendly and design reflects an element of fun along with all functionalities the app intends to provide.

Our Solution

People find financial planning complex & often look for a human to talk to when it comes to finances. We wanted the app to feel human. Finance and planning are often perceived to be boring. We wanted to break that stereotype.

We wanted the app to look & feel simple, through fewer elements on the screen, easy content backed by a gamified approach, and a personalized way of communicating to make people feel comfortable.


People could build savings plan, invest money, execute plans, track their finances as well as learn about finance and investments through this app. We wanted the UX Design process to tie all of these varying functionalities effortlessly.

We introduced in-app personas and used them to make the interface appealing. At the same time, we were making it contextual with the information provided at a given moment in a given screen.

Colorful, vibrant, modern and minimal were the guiding principles of the visual design. The Colours used are calming & optimistic.

The app was broken down into levels, and each level has different Colours for people to identify and relate quickly. All of these have been coupled with transitions and micro-interactions to give the users an intuitive experience.



Muli is a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, designed for both display and text typography. This light feeling font was perfect for an app like EasyPlan, whose mission was to make the otherwise complex subject of finance simple and light.



Mobile Screens


As a startup, we value flexibility, speed, and focus. There were multiple design approaches, but they focused on our business requirements and how to fulfill them. They went above and beyond when it came to screen design. They put a lot of thought into meeting our criteria and addressing user needs. They tweaked the design flow when determining it would suit our users better, which we really appreciated.


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