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Being is the world's one-of-a-kind personalized self-therapy app where one can have a well-guided journey experience. Being has interactive course-based treatment as per the mood of the user.

Self-therapy App

The Challenge

The challenge that we were trying to solve was to build an interactive and engaging personalized experience for the user. Users will be embarking on journeys based on their discomfort and we had to build a scalable structure that should work like a charm with different building blocks of activities.

Another challenge was to bring out colors that should match the mood of the user. Colors play an important role in understanding the user behavior and are also another scalability factor that should be considered while designing an app.

Our Solution

Our solution was a very systematic approach towards finalizing the activities and associating a color palette around the same which will help us play with the activities and colors in a better way.

Colors were added on a secondary level rather than a primary board because of the complexity of the journeys. Journeys are being used as one part of the product and it should not grab all the attention hence secondary colors were used in all journeys.

We also played around with a lot of interactions which eventually helped in calming the user during different journeys that the user embarked on

Our Process

UX for web and mobile were very different, on the mobile user will be spending most of the time finalizing and selecting or acknowledging the mood that the user is in. While on the other hand web was used to showcase the capability of the product, its value, and the team behind the product.

The website was more informational while mobile flows were interactive and conversational.

The visual design carried for web and mobile were both on the same theme and values, a user should get hooked to different flows that the user is embarking and color adds a very subtle essence in the product.

The mobile palette was more secondary and supporting color with a subtle interaction approach while the web had lots of supporting components that were being used to add a sense of playfulness.


Playfair Display

As the name indicates, Playfair Display is well suited for titling and headlines. It has an extra large x-height and short descenders. It can be set with no leading if space is tight. Capitals are extra short, and only very slightly heavier than the lowercase characters. This helps achieve a more even typographical colour when typesetting proper nouns and initialisms.


Mobile Screens

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