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Resonance is a two-sided marketplace that democratizes the gig economy of the arts industry. It distills the complexities of the arts industry into a single platform for people to hire, be hired, and get paid.

The modern artist network to make life easier.

The Challenge

The challenge was to build an application that should resolve the problem faced by US artists. Artists were struggling to find work, lack the flexibility to promote themselves, had no technological solution, limited network, low visibility, canceled engagements, no payment protection, no direct line to employers, etc.

Our job was to create an application that should fulfill all these requirements while ensuring that the design layout is friendly and easily understandable by the users.

Our Solution

We offered solutions for various different features and modules like creating a profile, adding resumes and multiple entries, automatic protected payment, search engine, negotiation on offers, endorsing users, scheduling events/sessions, booking an artist, online sessions, etc which leads to more job opportunities.

We also created a comprehensive style guide to ease future design and development for maintaining the overall experience as a consistent and pleasant one and to deliver a great user experience.


We learned that the core personas of the application were Artists, Students, Teachers, and Employers. For every module, we had brief sessions with the product stakeholders to understand why they wanted to introduce a particular module or feature set.

However, we made recommendations around how information should be placed, what all information is important from the users' perspective, things that might confuse the users should not be done, and suggested additional features for the application.

Once the app went live for beta users, we collected user responses and challenges, if any, and work towards iterating on the designs to ease and mitigate those challenges.

Once the screen layout and core user experience strategies were in place, the next challenge was to design a delightful UI. We introduced a clean, clear visual design focusing on the elements and content that matters.

Created a design system that offered a great degree of consistency between various screens. Coupled different sections with iconography/images to draw users focus on the crucial elements. The aesthetics were designed to look and feel clean, minimal, and modern.



A modern, geometric, minimalist sans-serif typefaces of the new millennium. It is designed for optimal readability at small point sizes while beautiful at large point sizes.


Illustrative Cards

Mobile Screens


The end product has exceeded the client's expectations. The well-researched designs align with industry trends and the target market. They offered efficient, regular communication marked by their proactivity. The specialists' positive attitude and flexibility stand out.


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