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About Research

To make ground-breaking innovations, analyze the known unknowns, launching value leading products- we know how important research is to the businesses. The engagements that we build with our clients is research-centric, offering scalable, growth-driven, and cost-effective solutions. Our research model includes inputs like finance, market, technology, which ensures us in taking well-heeled decisions and lending supportive hands to the clients with vivid data of their businesses.

  • 01
    Qualitative Surveys

    Preparation of questionnaire, observational research, data collection, gathering comments, feedbacks.

  • 02
    User Interviews

    Identifying the right questions, anticipating responses & preparing a discussion guide.

  • 03
    Guerilla Testing

    Creating a clickable prototype, conducting user testing, identifying critical issues at an early stage.

  • 04
    Competition Research

    Analyzing industry trends & products, identifying gaps & existing competitors, figuring market share.

  • 05
    Focus Groups

    Identifying the right participants, analyzing customer perception, use data for quantitative analysis.

  • 06
    Quantitative Surveys

    Conducting online surveys & polls, forming target groups, statistical analysis, data sampling.

  • 07
    Market Research

    Conducting marketing surveys, web & email surveys, defining buyer’s persona, preparing a market report.

  • 08
    Stakeholder Interviews

    Defining goals, gathering user insights, identifying technical constraints, documenting the dos & donts.

  • 09
    Ethnographic Field Studies

    Interviewing users in their natural environment, identifying research patterns, usability testing.



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