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About Photo & Video

Tell your story, deliver the right message through captivating photos & videos, which creates a lasting impact on your customers. Our inhouse creators follow a process wherein they start with conceptualization, followed by shooting, editing with the combination of latest software & techniques. The post-production phase, where we include motion graphics, voice-overs, special effects & create a personalized experience for your customers.

  • 01

    Conducting Brainstorming sessions, forming agendas, building journey maps, paper prototypes.

  • 02
    Post Production

    Converging & sketching all ideas, creating story diagrams for conceptualising ideas.

  • 03

    Gap Analysis Matrix, assessing current performance, formulating action plan, setting & reviewing critical goals.

  • 04
    Product Demo Video

    Ideating for solutions, surveying, product audit of existing designs, transformational solutions.

  • 05

    Project Planning, collaborating with the entire team, forming hierarchical relations for multiple solutions.



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