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Did we do well? Was that the part of our vision. Companies, while extending services and product businesses, evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. Our team conducts an audit on existing products/services, ensuring if they are in line with the company’s vision. We help our clients by sorting the short & long term goals, along with the implementation of the corrective actions that boost the entire organizational performance & help achieve higher ROIs.

  • 01
    Benchmark Testing

    Testing the present product with quantifiable & repeatable point of reference, assessing quality.

  • 02
    User Testing

    Observing actual users interact with product/service, iterating by incorporating feedbacks.

  • 03
    SWOT Analysis

    Analyzing the internal & external factors for business opportunities, production costs, market trends.

  • 04
    Usability Testing

    Identifying the flawed flows, noting user reactions & feedback, evaluating if business goals match real-world use.

  • 05
    Content Audit

    Content quality review, audit from SEO perspective, categorize content, optimizing title & length of keywords.

  • 06
    Expert Reviews

    Reviewing & gaining perspective on existing strategies/design with a reviewer having expertise & experience.

  • 07
    UX Audit / Review

    Conducting design’s quality assurance, mental modeling of target users’ group, business & their users’ end goal.

  • 08
    Heuristic Evaluation

    Having a group of reviewers to test a product for standards & rules, organize & identify the usability issues.

  • 09
    Card Sorting

    Figuring the navigational elements, developing information architecture, create navigation flows.



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