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About Design Thinking

For adapting digital and innovation strategies in your businesses, transformation should start at both process and cultural level. Design Thinking fits best for this concept. We employ design thinking as a service, encompassing- strategy building, defining & ideating design solutions. We start with your customer-management team to station a user-centric approach, creating target groups of users to understand their behavior, problems, and collecting feedback for the proposed solutions.

  • 01
    Design Workshops

    Conducting Brainstorming sessions, forming agendas, building journey maps, paper prototypes.

  • 02

    Converging & sketching all ideas, creating story diagrams for conceptualizing ideas.

  • 03
    Gap Analysis

    Gap Analysis Matrix, assessing current performance, formulating action plan, setting & reviewing critical goals.

  • 04

    Ideating for solutions, surveying, product audit of existing designs, transformational solutions.

  • 05
    Design Strategy

    Why, What & How process- for design solutions, coherence of business & design, design management.

  • 06

    Project Planning, collaborating with the entire team, forming hierarchical relations for multiple solutions.



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