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About Branding

Providing a voice to your product, your service, your brand forms the basis of how your customers perceive you. The confidence you build in your customers via branding has various touchpoints to it-communications, website, marketing strategies, social media. We take care of it by putting people at the heart of every service. Every contact that your customer has with your brand should be effective. We align all the touchpoints by setting a communication strategy, forming a brand voice by aligning & creating websites, mobile apps, social media with your vision.

  • 01
    Keynote & Presentation

    Building presentation templates, preparing slide decks following brand guidelines.

  • 02
    Brand Intro Animation / Video

    Creating enticing script of a brand’s journey, storyboarding the ideas, production & post-production of video.

  • 03
    Brand Identity Creation

    Conducting market research, developing a social presence, logo, tagline, advertisements, personality.

  • 04
    Brand Messaging

    Creating a branding guide, formulating the core brand message, establishing your brand’s voice.

  • 05
    Packaging Design

    Creating a brand story, identifying brand aesthetics for the packaging, creating content & imagery.

  • 06

    Understanding the brand’s vision, target market, generating a potential list of names.

  • 07
    Brand Manual

    Incorporating a brand’s color system, typography, images, grid system & other brand’s assets.

  • 08
    Branding Collaterals

    Creating business cards, brochures, all brand-related accessories- Tshirt, banners.

  • 09
    Logo Design

    Researching & Conceptualising a brand’s vision, choosing correct shape, color or font.



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