Script Typeface & Types of Script Typeface

Script Typeface & Types of Script Typeface

Rashika Ahuja
Dec 21, 2019
A script typeface is based upon hand-lettering using a brush or a calligraphy pen. They have a unique element of fluid stroke attached to it. In layman's terms, it is writing using a brush while connecting letters. They were used primarily for print packaging, signage, advertising. Every typeface has a personality attached to it. It is essential to choose the correct typeface for your interface, based upon your brand identity, style, and personality it portrays. A script typeface carries an elegant, stylish, creative, and a carefree personality. It has various moods and characteristics attached to it and is further categorized into Formal and Casual Scripts. Formal Script Typeface

Formal Scripts

Formal Scripts are based upon the letterforms formed by George Bickham, George Snell, and George Shelley. They wrote using the metal nib and the calligraphy pens. They have connecting strokes, an elegant stately look. Formal scripts are used for writing invitations, cover letters, any place where a sophisticated tone is required. There are a large number of fonts available for formal scripts- Greyhound Script, Balmoral, Fling, etc. Casual Script Typeface

Casual Scripts

As the name suggests, casual scripts are more friendly and loosely connected than formal scripts. It conveys a warm and welcoming look to the message you are trying to send through your text. They are used for writing banners, brochures, advertisements, book covers, anywhere where you require a more casual look. Some of the many fonts available under casual scripts are- Pristina, Swing, Berolina, etc. There are many famous companies that have incorporated typescript as part of their logo. CocaCola, Ford, Johnson & Johnson are some of them. The more curves in the typeface depict feminity and are used while designing interfaces for the fashion and beauty industry. Calligraphy Script TypefaceCalligraphic Scripts are also one of the types of a script typeface. It is calligraphic writing achieved using a flat-tipped object. Copper Plate Calligraphy is one of the styles of calligraphic writing. It is essential to pick typefaces and fonts that pair best together. It helps to achieve a harmonious relationship between the various texts placed on the screen, like headings, sub-heading, body, etc. Script typeface pairs best with Serifs and Sans Serifs. It is important to ensure that whatever fonts you use, they should be readable and communicate the correct meaning of the content. 


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