Color Wheel Theory

Color Wheel Theory : Design & Chart

Which two colors, when combined, resonate or complement each other? If a particular shade of green would go with yellow? These are the questions that arise when you start choosing colors for designing interfaces and their elements. This is the place where the color wheel comes into the picture to tell you precisely What Colours go together.

Color Wheel

It is a tool or a circle that represents the relationships between various colors. It helps us achieve different color schemes and combinations. It comprises 12 basic colors, which, when combined in perfect harmony, provide you with thousands of various tones and tints. You can call it a color wheel chart as well.

color wheel

Decoding the Color Wheel Lingo

  • hue: The purest form of color is a hue. It is also the dominant color family when we are trying to mix colors.
  • tint: When the color white is added to a hue, we get a tint. A tint is the lighter form of a color, but it doesn’t make it bright.
  • shades: Trying adding black to a hue, the outcome of this mixing is called a shade. The shade is the darker form of a color.

color wheel lingo

Beyond the Basics: Unleashing Creativity with Tools


Technology lends a helping hand! Design applications like the Adobe Color Wheel are like your personal color consultant.

What is the Adobe Color Wheel?

Adobe Color Wheel is an online tool that helps you choose and create harmonious color schemes and combinations for designing user interfaces. It has various color schemes pre-defined. Like, analogous, complementary, etc. also the option to choose a tint or shade of a particular color.


You need to select the color scheme, and the wheel automatically highlights the places where the corresponding colors are placed. E.g. In the case of a complementary color scheme, it arranges the indicators on the colors placed exactly opposite to each other.


You are also provided with an option to create your custom color theme.


You can give it a try- Adobe Color

Adobe color wheel

A masterful use of color can elevate your UI design from good to exceptional. With the Adobe Color Wheel as your guide, you can create captivating interfaces that resonate with your audience.


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