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About FrontEnd Development

Making your pixel-perfect designs functional, which caters vast arrays of development utilizing various front-end technologies and frameworks. Our development team offers solutions based upon your UI design and requirements. We start with developing the architecture of the product, identifying various integration points, then deciding upon which JavaScript library or framework will create compelling & competent user interfaces.

  • 01
    Web App Development

    Conducting necessary research, designing, developing customized web apps as per business needs.

  • 02
    Progressive Web App

    Mobile compatability, adaptive to all devices, app shell model, native app performance.

  • 03
    Interactive Application

    Motion control, gesture control, augmented reality, virtual reality, immersive reality.

  • 04
    Single Page Applications

    JavaScript frameworks, CRM systems, dynamic data loading, scalable applications.

  • 05
    Website Development

    Adaptive/Responsive web solutions, enriched UI, transactional models, React JS, Angular JS, HTML5, CSS.

  • 06
    Blog Development

    Design & theme layout, content strategy, hosting, optimization, maintenance.

  • 07
    API Integrations

    Cloud-based integrations, custom API integrations, web APIs, web sockets, service-oriented architecture.

  • 08
    Dashboard Development

    Real-time dashboards, sales dashboard, metrics dashboard, marketing dashboards, KPIs.



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