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About DevOps

Automating your processes, existing tools, and the collaboration among development, operations, and third-party software to a single stack is the power of DevOps. With your processes & product testing automated, we set a monitoring system in place to ensure easy scalability & recurring revenue. Our DevOps professionals manage your application/product easing down the process of continuous deployments, providing cloud-based solutions to optimize your infrastructure. We integrate security tools from the start to eliminate the potential security breaches.

  • 01

    Configuring scheduled backup plans, integration with cloud for smooth backup & recovery.

  • 02

    Automating deployment process, testing scripts, gathering continuous customer feedback.

  • 03
    Vulnerability Assessment

    Integrate security solutions with DevOps, putting pre-check in place via static analysis tools.

  • 04
    Website Maintenance

    Updating website content, fixing technical glitches, security maintenance, periodic backups.

  • 05
    Quality Assurance & Testing

    Automating testing at all stages, analyzing memory leaks, high CPU usage.



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