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Transpost acts as a bridge between a fragmented segment of the market and shipping lines, by simplifying complexities of the shipping process and promotes efficiency for accelerating growth and revenue for the shipping lines and its customers.

Operating system for Customs Brokers and Forwarders

The Challenge

Transpost shared a requirement of updating their website; the current one looked very dated and that limited the client to pitch themselves to international clients.

The challenge with Transpost was to express their presence in a story format which helps in expressing the business in a better way.

Lastly, a minimal design was expected with less content but more expressive through images and illustrations. Along with that a video to convey what transpost is all about.

Our Solution

We started the exercise by working on the entire UX overhaul from scratch - that inclued Information Architectures, Wireframes etc. so that the new UX can be properly adapted and updated throughout their different products.

We approached Transpost with an illustrative direction that helps us convey the brand in a story based approach. Illustrations help in conveying concepts in an easier manner and keeps the website very lively.

We also approached the website with images to add interesting design elements. Since humans are more connected with human faces, using images made sense. We found a perfect blend to use illustrations and images together in a balanced format.

Our Process

UX process for Transpost was derived by understanding the personas. Studying the persona’s needs helped in formulating a page structure for the primary and secondary users.

The wireframes were designed to keep the approach of the website simple and easy to navigate.

The visual approach for transpost was driven by the brand colors. The brand values helped the design team set the basics of the design system.

The Graphical approach was suggested by our experts that helped in depicting the services that the business is providing. With this approach, we could explain the different use cases in a balanced manner.

On finalizing the designs, the design team handed over the designs with detailed walkthroughs of all use cases to the development team.

This handoff activity allowed the development team to understand the scalability of components of different modules and helped them in creating their design system for the front end.



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