Utilizing Illustrations in UI Design

What is an illustration?

An illustration is a visual representation of a particular subject or concept. Like they say, “A picture says a thousand words.” We at ProCreator believe “an illustration conveys the exact meaning.” It helps viewers to understand the matter conveniently. Let’s go back in the time when languages or words were yet to be formed. Since that time, Illustrations are playing an important role. People use to paint their messages, thoughts in the caves. Famous paintings influence various styles. That’s why in the digital age illustrations in UI Design have become an important part of it.

It keeps users engaged in the story exactly what happens in comics where illustrations crafted so beautifully that the reader easily gets carried away with the story.
An illustration is a voice for the text.

What is the role of illustrations in UI?

As time has passed, we have already entered a digital era where illustrations are applicable in many places. Nowadays, where people got so busy with their life, and they need an app for constant reminders to do a small task like to drink water, they don’t even have time to read the text, and then an illustration of a glass of water suddenly appears on the screen. It saves a lot of time and gets the work done. It might sound weird, but things like this work. 

Put yourself as an example and imagine, an onboarding of an app is happening and showing a long chunk of texts, without any visual interpretation of it.
Without any doubts, you would choose the SKIP option, despite that stage is equally important because you don’t have all the time in the world to read it out.
The human brain tends to remember an image for a longer time than a text. The longer text in UI doesn’t help us to proceed faster.
We will tend to spend more time to adore illustration or graphics rather than read the text (Instructions).

They say there is the devil in detail. Nowadays, people are focusing on small illustrations such as rewards, badges, direction, scratch cards, Trophies, Stars, etc.

Let’s have a look at some of the illustrations I’ve created while working at ProCreator for different products.

1. Scoop.

Illustrations in UI- Scoop

2. ProCreator Website

Illustrations in UI- ProCreator

3. Kinntegra

Illustrations in UI- Kinntegra

4. ProApp- Learn Design On the Go

5. SealTabs

6. Sakal Money

7. Resonance

The illustration is the best way to tell a story about any product. A global medium of communication. It’s the first impression of the brand. The color you use for the illustration should resonate with the overall brand presence along with the message they are trying to convey.

If a client needs to be established as a brand and needs to stand out among other competitors, an illustrative approach is a smart move. Because illustrations create a distinctive reputation about a product in the viewer’s mind. Adding an animation to the illustration ads more value to the product. The more interaction an app has, the more engaging it gets for users. This was a small article introducing the importance of illustrations in UI Design. Let’s create interfaces which visually pleasing and functionally sound at the same time.