5 Reasons UX Design Brings Value to Startups

5 Reasons UX Design Brings Value to Startups

Rashika Ahuja
Jan 10, 2022
Startups are known for three things - ideas and innovation, passion for taking risks, and the 'can do' spirit. Startups move through various stages like ideation, prototyping, MVP, product-market fit research, and more. Many might feel that investing in UX/UI design would waste time and money and is not required at these initial stages. This attitude can cost Startups in the later stages, and they should know why it is essential to consider User Experience and how will it bring value to startups. User Experience involves Research, Ideation, Design, Prototyping, User Testing. In User Research, understanding the User in-depth can tell how to create a product that suits users' needs. It informs about the users' pain points and how the product compares to its Competition. User Research results in creating designs that help users complete tasks seamlessly and make the product enjoyable. The end customer is essential, and their Experience with the service/product will drive up the sales. Reasons how UX/UI Design brings value to startups: 

To Avoid Future Expenditure.

Customer satisfaction is essential to drive up the sales and market value of the product/service. If customers have good experiences, they will recommend it to others. Hence, investing in User Interface to make the look of the Application/ Website attractive is beneficial, and further design for Usability and Feel will retain them. Prototyping will help to test the functionality of the product. If the Startup realizes that the look, feel, functionality and usability are not up to the mark later, they have to spend on the design, redevelopment, and all this will cost money, effort and, time.

Brand Awareness and Brand Value.

In the past, marketers exhibited brand behavior on non-interactive mediums like TV ads, Print. Now, in the era of the digital age, brand behavior has to be showcased everywhere. The customers are engaged and interact with the applications, websites, digitally and physically too. Therefore, it is crucial to integrate the brand behavior digitally. The Startup is the Brand owner, but the UX Designer is the Brand Reinforcer. UX design caters to the expectations of the User from the Brand and strengthens the Brand meaning. It informs how you will look, speak and act. Experiences with any brand touchpoint (including digital products) can either reinforce the Brand's perceptions or break them down.Bring Value to Startups: Brand Awareness

Startup Funding Strategy.

Applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube have set the standard high for companies, and anything less than that is unacceptable. In a world with multiple Startups, UX design will make one stand out from the crowd. No investor will put his money if the application is less engaging or aesthetically below average. The quality of the product increases with a good User Experience. Investing in UX/UI is a good strategy combined with a good idea, market research to get funding from investors. Make it easier for investors to say YES.Bring Value to Startups

To Beat Competition.

Today, the market is saturated with new ideas and Startups. To compete with the existing and new companies, Startups should put their best foot forward. One of the ways to do this is by creating superior first impressions and lasting impact with excellent User Experience. Offering a functional, usable, accessible and, intuitive product by investing in UX design will optimize and bring value to Startups' business goals.

Bounce Rate Reduction.

Have you ever felt annoyed with an app/ website where the speed is low, navigation is difficult, or too many steps lead to frustration, and you quit the desired task? Bounce rate is when users visit your website/ app but leave without taking any action. To decrease the bounce rate, invest in UX design to understand the issues of the User, help them navigate further, and complete the task/ transaction. A research report says that an e-commerce website that underwent a UX redesign for its mobile version experienced a 70% increase in the number of products sold, a 50% reduction in bounce rate, and an overall 30% rise in sales. A reduced bounce rate, therefore, will result in an increased conversion rate. Good UX Design not only creates credibility for the business but also establishes the trust of the User. It leads to increased conversions, revenue, improving customer satisfaction, customer retention, and customer loyalty. We, at Procreator, have helped multiple startups and brands to enhance their User Experience. We share a knack for design and innovation that motivates us to create incredible experiences for businesses and users. Get in touch with us if you want to know more about our experiences of bringing value to Startups.

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