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5 Key Reasons to Hire a UX Design Agency

The importance of UX Design is gaining momentum, and not only does it provide a commendable experience for the users but also, the ROI of UX is high. In fact, a research study revealed that for every $1 invested in UX, there’s a return of $100, proving its significant impact on a business’s bottom line. The industry-leading organizations are taking a UX-led path where they are trying to create more user-centric and design-led products.


So how do you start to maximize the success of your product and design together? Should you build an in-house team of designers or hire a UX Design Agency? We know you might be thinking that we run a UX design Agency; the answer would definitely be the latter. However, we would say the answer depends on the 5 points we will make in the article below to help you make a choice and decide.

Key Reasons to Hire a UX Design Agency


1. No need of training progress


You don’t have to train an entire team to fit into the company’s culture


Building an in-house team starts with hiring the right set of resources, conducting training sessions, managing the team members, and getting them to understand the company’s culture; all of this is a months-long process. It has its pros and cons attached. The focus of an in-house team remains solely on your audience and the product. And, introducing a UX Designer can be the stepping stone for introducing design in your organization.


In situations where there is a time constraint hiring an agency seems a suitable option. The team is already well-versed in building products from scratch; they even have their process built around it. It makes it easier for the clients to collaborate with a few of the agencies and hire that works best for them

UX Design Agency- No training process

2. Industry and Collective Expertise

Every project comes with its challenges and requires a different level of expertise. With a UX Design agency in place, you are entitled to a full team of UX researchers, UX Designers, Visual Designers, Content strategists, Project Managers, and many more depending on the company’s size.


Depending on what stage your product is, you should have the freedom to include an experienced or junior resource. This can be a challenge while building an in-house team. You have to hire a new resource for every task and even need to segregate them based on experience.

Collective expertise- UX Design agency

3. Cost Control or Budget Allocation

Once the work scope has been finalized, agencies more or less adhere to it and only come back to you in terms of any additional change requests made from your end. Otherwise, everything is covered, and a contract is signed from the point the work starts.


The agreements grant you greater domain over when the project starts and stops as well as how much budget you allocate to the project. According to Glassdoor, the salary for an in-house UX designer in the US is between $75000 and $85,000. Imagine hiring 3, 4 for each role.

4. Perspective

Design is all about gaining and welcoming all kinds of perspectives to help you feel closer to the user. Sometimes, we might have to go past the company’s built assumptions and step our foot outside for an unbiased opinion. That’s what a consultant does.


Working as an Agency with multiple industries and domains, they have a knack for the current market’s trend, and how a user is responding to it. Sometimes internal teams can become too insular and can’t see past their own opinions. Plus, they will never make you feel that you are surrounded by ‘yes people’ and commit to being truly honest with you, even if it is a harsh truth.

5. Project Timelines and Flexibility

Some projects are tight on budgets and timelines. External UX design agency can help an organization’s product team get their work done faster. They have tested processes and abilities to gain your investment returns earlier than you thought.


Sometimes, we all are in a phase where we are not sure if the idea will work out; in such areas building an in-house team won’t be a good suggestion. It is always best to start with an external agency on a short-term project in such scenarios, say 3 months. It is a fair amount of time to get your ideas tested, come up with a full-proof plan, decide on the technology end, and boom, you have a track set for your project.


Choosing between building an in-house UX design team and hiring a UX design agency depends on your specific needs and resources. Carefully consider the factors discussed above, such as project timelines, budget constraints, and the need for diverse expertise.


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