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Scoop is a conversation analytics tool that leverages machine learning to mine insights from customer conversations across voice, video, and text sources to discover & maximize sales opportunities.

Conversation analytics and intelligence for Sales

The Challenge

Sales managers were often using Conversion Rates and Revenue generated to track a Sales Representatives performance. However judging merely on the basis of these two weren't ideal. A sales call is very dynamic and has a lot intricacies and many responses are situational and impromptu for a Sales rep.

The true evaluation of a Sales Rep and therefore the entire team was possible through a Conversational Analytics tool that would help managers and individuals gets insights about the sales rep performance by understanding what happens on the sales call. The challenge for us was to represent big data analysis of Sales calls powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a way that was consumable, streamlined and makes true sense to the end users.

Our Solution

There were many interesting parameters and insights to be displayed in the tool like overall call sentiment, discovery of signs of potential opportunities, talk to listen ratio, competition mentions and much more. Our solution revolved around making these parameters be displayed in the best possible way to facilitate multitude of information consumption in an easy, effective and efficient way.

We introduced gamification to invoke a sense of healthy competition and be a motivator and an element of boost amongst sales reps. The sales call analysis was translated into deriving meaningful insights that would then be used to provide ratings and scores to sales reps and offer them many rewards and awards. These rewards could be unlocked by sales rep which they could showcase in their profile.


The UX Design activity comprised of extensively speaking with Sales Reps, Sales Managers and Chief Sales Officer to understand how they go about analysing calls and sales rep performance currently. We understood about certain clear needs and gaps that needed to be fulfilled via Scoop.

The CSOs main intention was to get a holistic report about the Managers who would report to them. Manages wanted to understand their team’s performance as well as other counterparts to understand how they are performing and what they could do better. A sales rep wanted to understand what could be the improvement areas, listen back the call and analyse the same and unlocks rewards.

The tool was targeted towards companies primarily out of India and therefore needed to look very sleek and modern in terms of aesthetics; something a customer in that market would expect. We wanted the look and feel to be very minimal and evoke a sense of simplicity even though there are a lot of data that gets crunched behind the scene to populate various insights and metrics.

We used graphics and illustrations to add a fresh and chic feel to the design across various screens of the tool. We also designed a lot of badges that would be used as a reward to boost a sales reps morale and induce a healthy competiton.



The letters that inspired this font Montserrat have work, dedication, care, color, contrast, light and life, day and night from the old posters and signs in the traditional neighbourhood of Buenos Aires called Montserrat. Sales industry dates back centuries and using a font that celebrates history while looking sleek and modern made total sense for this project.




Conversation Analytics is a relatively new & emerging space and therefore had its Product Design & Development challenges. Despite these, their design process & critical thinking ability helped us create a great product. ProCreator exceeded our expectations and delivered an excellent design language with great UX resontating with global users. The designs have been very well received by senior management and potential customers too.


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