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Programming Hub.

Programming Hub is one of the fastest growing edu-tech initiative which is a one-stop solution for learning a variety of popular programming languages.

Personal Programming Learning App

The Project

In a world full of apps, websites and various other digital products, often people (non-techies) wonder how these apps are created. Programmers as well as non-programmers alike want to learn or sharpen their skills to be able to create some digital product, be it out of their passion or in many cases out of job necessity for a better opportunity.

This is where Programming Hub comes into picture. It is an Android, iOS and Web app that lets people learn programming on the go.

The Challenge

ProCreator had worked on designing V1 of the app which had received huge successs.

Within a short span of time, programming hub has become the most widely used learning app in the US and Indian markets with over 4 Million downloads and a million active users worldwide.

This time we were tasked with rebranding the app and refining the visual designs and also work on the web application.


The core flow of the app remained pretty much the same. We however streamlined the navigation to include fewer items on the main navigation.

We redesigned the home screen of the app to help make a user’s decision making in choosing the right programming course for themselves through interest & intent based categorizations.

We tucked away some features that were being seeked only by fewer professional users to a secondary/tertiary level of navigation.

On the web side of things, we translated the same information architecture and user flows to keep a cross platform parity and consistency.

The UI design of this version of the app saw more visible and drastic changes. Firstly, we refreshed the Programming Hub brand and gave it a new and robust brand identity to make it more modern and expressive.

The app’s design also reflected the branding refresh. We introduced more colors and gradients in the app. We followed a very visual approach to design with customized and different course illustrations for each course but with a streamlined design guideline to give a consistent look and feel.



Muli is a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, designed for both display and text typography facilitating longer and continous content consumption in the learning app withour much eye strain.



Mobile Screens


The design ProCreator created has been able to improve our value proposition. The user feedback has been positive overall. We’ve also increased our retention rate and revenue.


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