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PlayShifu is an EdTech startup based out of Bangalore, India. PlayShifu offers the best teaching/learning tools for kids. PlayShifu is revolutionizing how kids learn with their educational toys.

Embark on an exciting journey with PlayShifu AR Toys

The Challenge

Playshifu is revolutionizing the world by creating a range of extraordinary educational toys. With their Augmented Reality based immersive, educational games, kids can learn while they are playing.

Playshifu was already selling on marketplaces like Amazon. However the product wasn’t being displayed and communicated in the best light due to the platform limitations. The concept of AR based toys could have only been communciated via a bespoke website design.

Our Solution

Untill you understand the concept, Playshifu toys could be perceived as complex. The reality however is they are simple, intuitive and focus on building strong skills including critical thinking, logical & spatial reasoning, cognitive intelligence, creative and design abilities in the formative years of a kid’s development.

We used creative design and cutting-edge development to create a website that depicts the concept of Augemented Reality in an effective manner helping the buyers unerstand the toys’ concept and functioning effortlessly and effectively thereby helping the purchase decision leading to more sales.


We learnt that the core personas of the website were Parents, Gifters, Educators/Teachers (Institutions).

Being able to understand the product’s functionality, working and benefits was the most important need common across all personas. The UX Design focused on making sure these aspects were adhered to.

We designed and implemented interactive elements like 3D globe, dual sliders, animations and product working videos to deliver a great informative UX.

For the kids toys company, we wanted our designs to reflect four core attributes; Colorful, Vibrant, Playful and Welcoming.

The website is filled with illustrations and Lottie animations to give a pleasant as well as an informative user experience.

The designs were then bought to life using some amazing technologies like WebGL facilitating creation of 3D and interactive components, GSAP for interactions & Lottie for character and SVG animations.

We used an adaptive approach making sure every UI element and component adapts to the user’s device to ensure a great mobile experience



Quicksand is a display sans serif with rounded terminals. A slight hint of playfulness of this font makes it a perfect pairing for the design for a kids toy company.


Playshifu Products


Mobile Screens


The designs they produced were excellent, displaying all relevant information in a crisp, clean, and fit for purpose way to the identified target audience. The team managed the project smoothly using a number of tracking and communication tools, while always collaborating very well.


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