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Onspon is a marketplace for event sponsorships that helps events to find sponsors & vendors, and brands to find the right events to partner with.

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The Challenge

Event organizers visit Onspon to get access to top brands as sponsors, reviewed service provider profiles, celebrity managers, government tenders and hundreds of tools which can make their events fantastic. Sponsors visit Onspon to find best events for associations and partnerships - around their specific KRAs. Small businesses visit Onspon to find events where they can take up a stall to showcase / sell their products / services.

Unifying all of these moving pieces and creating a cohesive experience that clearly lets users navigate to their interest and find what they are looking for was the challenge posed in front of us.

Our Solution

Our Solution was aimed at offering clear navigation routes to the core personas of the product. We understood that Event Organizers and Brands are most of the users who would be visting the website followed by a smaller share of people looking to get stalls and vendors looking to get jobs for events.

We focused on the core personas; Events and Brands and crafted most of the experience around it. The homepage offered very clear routes to go to respective pages and discover more there while also calling the users towards creating an event or a brand profile.


The UX Design process involved speaking with many brand sponsorship managers and understanding their current pain points arounds things like Request For Proposals, Brand Briefs and Expression of Interests. We also spoke with Event organizers to understand how do they go about looking for sponsors and what different aspects are considered.

We bought the real world experience to the system and also worked towards creating features and offerings targeted towards solving the users’ pain points and concern areas.

The website was oriented primarily towards discovery and transactions. Therefore, we wanted to create a very minimal design with simple cards, shadows and clear spaces. This would allow users to focus on the content therfore helping their discovery and increasing the likelihood of a transaction.

The design language for Onspon was kept very simple and clean with a lot of whites and accents of the Onspon brand color. The key Call to Actions were kept bright gradients of the brand color to draw attention.

We also developed the frontend of the website using frontend framework like Bootstrap & Angluar JS for layouts, SCSS for styling and JavaScript for UI manipulations.



Poppins is a rounded and modern font having its letterform nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to stroke joints where necessary to maintain an even typographic color.


Onspon Cards

Mobile Screens


Onspon is a feature-rich web-based platform with multiple offerings and many moving pieces. ProCreator was able to tie these pieces into a good Information Architecture and User Flow, thereby making the website seamless. ProCreator came up with interesting proposals & solutions for complex challenges we threw at them. They were open-minded, solution-oriented and collaborative.


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