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Netcore is a global Marketing Technology Company; India’s leading Full-Stack, Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Solution provider offering solutions for enterprises that redefine Digital Marketing & Enterprise Communication.

AI powered growth marketing platform

The Project

Netcore’s partnership with ProCreator started off with a Netcore offering called Journey Builder . We were tasked with designing a better user experience for this one of a kind complex tool and an overhaul of their legacy visual designs.

The partnership have now extended to other Netcore offerings like Web Personalization, Email Campaigns, Revenue Dashboard, User Behavior Dashboard and various other intricate, complex and multifunctional software as a service and analytics solutions.

Our Solution

Journey Builder by Netcore is a Marketing platform designed to help marketers with Customer Lifecycle Management and Engagement.

We conducted extensive interviews with Netcore’s end customers as well as their Customer Success Managers to better understand the needs and goals of the proposed software system.

We also devised a comprehensive Design System to ease future design & development efforts and to maintain the overall customer experience a consistent one.


We crafted the user experience that best caters the 3 core personas of Netcore tool.

Campaign Executioner; responsible for actually creating the marketing campaigns for whom the learning curve to understand the features/functionalities of the tool/s could not be steep.

Marketing Manager; who desires to provide his execution team with a robust tool that allows them to quickly and effectively create campaign flows and journeys such that the overall customer journey building turn-around is quicker.

CMO / Product Manager; who proactively reviews campaign metrics to determine what is working and what can be improved or optimized for all in-market campaigns.

As part of the Journey Builder project, we created a totally new and fresh design language system for Netcore that would later on be translated across other Netcore offerings as well.

Modern and minimal were the guiding principles of the visual design. We created fresher colors from the existing NetCore colors of Blue and Orange.

We also used gradient and shadows to create a sense of importance, dynamism and depth across various UI controls and elements.

We didn’t just stop at the design stage. We went ahead and also coded the front end of this drag and drop journey builder interface.

We used modern technologies like Angular JS, Go JS and other front-end libraries like Bootstrap, SCSS, JavaScript to materialize our designs to life.


Nunito Sans

Nunito is a well balanced sans serif typeface superfamily that is slim and sleek and complements the overall minimal aesthetic of the Netcore Visual Design Language devised by us.




The engagement with Procreator was pretty impressive. We have simplified the product to a great extent with Procreator. We were also amazed by the turn-around time, reasoning skills and overall client-vendor relationship with which the design team has worked. The new user centric designs are helping us approach the new & mature markets like the US and also attract new-age businesses and startups.


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