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NASSCOM is the industry association for the IT and IT enabled products and services sector in India. A not-for-profit organisation funded by the industry, their objective is to build a growth led and sustainable technology and business services sector in the country.

Thought leadership platform for the new age business

The Challenge

NASSCOM wanted to build a thought leadership platfrom namely; Digital Disruption that would help them post articles, videos, reports, case studies, whitepapers, etc. particulary in the BPM industry.

The center-piece of the challenge here was organizing the varied information and knowledge in a presentable and consumable manner. NASSCOM had many types of articles, multiplre content types which had to be organized cohesively and woven into a single thread- this portal; Digital Disruption.

Our Solution

Our main goal was to not make the platform look heavily populated with just content. We first went about organizing the infromation pieces into 4 main categories viz. Innovation & Collaboration, Case Studies & Success Stories, Publications & News and finally Leaders & Experts.

We kept the design minimal with a lot of white-spaces and big-bold typography to put focus on the actual reading material and evoke a very clean and modern feeling.


The UX design process revolved around understanding variety of content & content types the portal would have to propose an easy navigational model that could be scalable as well in case any categories were to be added in future.

We divided the content into 4 disctinct categories and created indivudal category pages that would house different content types flagged under that respective category.

The articles excerpts were kept above the fold to facilitate the primary users - busy business professionals to take a quick glimpse before they decide on if the article is of their interest.

The choices for the visuals and aesthetics were guided by the philosophy of keeping the design minimal and with white space to draw attention and interest towards the actual content & not distract the readers by a lot of visual elements.

Having said that, to compliment and balance the minimal aesthetics, we used dashes of 4 bright gradients that were assigned to the 4 content categories in the homepage and then carried into the inner pages as section highlights, navigation indicators and other UI elements to develop a subtle familiarity while adding a little creative touch to the otherwise minimal design.



Poppins is this rounded and modern font having its letterform nearly monolinear, with optical corrections applied to stroke joints where necessary to maintain an even typographic color. The modernity of this font help us utilize it to break the otherwise corporate stereotype of utilizing Serif fonts and give NASSCOM a very fresh feel.


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The client has responded favorably to ProCreator’s designs. The team has proven capable of navigating between multiple stakeholders, responding professionally to client inquiries. Their technical expertise and collaborative attitude inspire confidence in their work.


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