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Crowdfire is a powerful social media tool used by businesses and individuals all over the world to drive social media engagement and growth.

Social Media Management, Simplified

The Challenge

Crowdfire helps you discover and schedule content, and manage all your social accounts from one place. We have been working with Crowdfire for over 2 years (ongoing) across various modules for their mobile app and webapp alike.

Over the partnership period, we have been tasked to work across various modules and functionalities. The challenege in front us was to design features, functionlaities and modules for an already ruuning app maintaining the design guidelines and oveall navigation models.

Our Solution

We offered solutions for various different features and modules like Onboarding, Analytics, Bulk Schedule, Landing Pages, Mentions, Referrals, Calendar View and other creative design services like graphics and video production.

Crowdfire already had an app and web-app in place when they approached us. Since we were assigned various modules to be worked on our solution was aimed at ensuring that the new modules adhere to the existing design guidelines, the navigation model for these new items adapt well to the exsting navigation model.


For every module we worked on, we had creative brief sessions with the product stakeholders to understand why they wanted to introduce a certain module or feature set, what pain points had they uncovered from the users to better propose and craft the solution that aims to accomplish business objectives and user needs & goals.

The designs we created primarily adhered to the existing design guidelines.

However, we introduced a few new gradients in similar shades and hues to that of their brand gradient. These gradients were used across various feature landing pages to give each of these pages a creative flair of their own.



Metropolis is a modern, geometric typeface, also included in Crowdfire's deisgn guidelines. It is designed for optimal readability at small point sizes while also being beautiful at large point sizes.


Mobile Screens


ProCreator has successfully fulfilled the need for an increased volume of resources in terms of UX design and planning. Their designs match the internal vision well, and they remain available and responsive partners.


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