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Axis Bank.

Axis Mutual Fund is the mutual fund wing of Axis Bank Ltd; the third largest private-sector banks in India offering a comprehensive suite of financial products.

Visual Overhaul of the Leading Mutual Fund Player

The Challenge

The task in front of us was to do a website redesign that looks modern, has an upscale feel while adhering to the AXIS brand guidelines.

The information architecture had to be redesigned to let users know what’s more important and what’s less. The navigation had to be made easy for the users to quickly find what they need from a multitude of offerings Axis provides.

Our Solution

Desaturated imagery with the AXIS Brand’s Maroon color and big bold text was the direction we chose after multiple design explorations.

This appraoch allowed us to creation a decluttered, premium look and feel with focus on key messages and central UI elements.

We created a comprehensive style guide to ease future design and development to maintain the overall customer web experience a consistent and pleasant one.


The project was visual redesign centric. The information architecture was largely kept in-tact to retain user familiarity. However we made some recommendations around information arrangement to define hierarchy and some layout improvization to place key elements in more prominent zones.

We introduced a clean, clear, visual design putting the focus on the elements and content that matters. We coupled destaurated life-style imagery with iconography thereby drwaing user focus on the important elements while making the aesthetics, look and feel a clean, minimal and modern one.

The web screens were then redesigned to adapt smoothly in the mobile view to deliver a seamless experience throughout devices.



Lato was a font being used by AXIS as their go to font in various of their websites. We also therfore used the same to maintain an overall brand consiency across its digital assets.


Mobile Screens


  • Apart from the Axis MF website, AXIS wanted us to experiment with modern design, a design direction that would be totally different from their Brand Visual Design for the customer facing site of Shubhchintak; a tool for Independent Financial Advisors.
  • We came up with a design language that made use of illustrations, vibrant gradients and lots of clear space to evoke a sense of modern and minimalist design. Each illustration was custom made to fit for the message a given section on the site was trying to communicate.
  • For sections where illustrations weren’t really necessary, we used infographic and/or typographic approach while retaining the approach of gradients to make the section concise as well as beautiful.



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